Terms and Conditions

Before transport is scheduled, each party (shipper and receiver) will need to Consent and Sign our Terms and Conditions Agreement which will be electronically signed and dated and returned to Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies website/email. Transports are booked on a first come first served basis with regard to dates and Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies availability.

Total cost for the delivery will be confirmed. Payments are accepted via PayPal, Cash, & Venmo. 50% of the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to puppy delivery, made directly to the Puppy Nanny. Final Payment is made at delivery, via Cash, made directly to the Puppy Nanny. 

Your $100 deposit  has been applied to the total cost, AND is NON-REFUNDABLE once transport is requested. Once agreement and deposit are received by Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies staff, we will then work out a tentative date with all parties involved.

In order to schedule a transport pet must be able to fit in a soft sided carrier no larger than 18”x12”x12” and weigh no more than 20 lbs. If Pet is larger than 20 lbs and unable to fly, pets will be denied transport and NO REFUND will be permitted.

24-48 hours prior to transport, pet nanny will contact shipper and receiver confirming meet up location. Puppy Nanny will include the shipper and the receiver in a group text with the flight details, and a confirmed meet up location.

It is very important that the Shipper and Receiver be at the airport at the time specified to pick up and drop off from the Puppy Nanny. If the shipper or receiver is not on time, and is more than 15 minutes late after the agreed upon time, a late fee of $150 is imposed to accommodate Puppy Nanny and must be paid prior to us receiving or releasing the pet(s). 

All parties involved will need to have access to a cell phone with text messaging capabilities in order to communicate properly. Upon receiving the pet from the breeder/shipper, a photo will be taken with the Puppy Nanny and the pet, and sent in the group text.

Your pet will be accompanied in the cabin on a Commercial Airplane and seated with their Puppy Nanny throughout flights. Your pet will be taken out of their carrier and carried by the Puppy Nanny through the metal detector at the airport and returned to the carrier. Pet will be fed and given water as needed. 

Upon delivery, the Puppy Nanny will take a picture of the pet with the receiver and add it to the group text. This assures all parties that the transaction has been completed.

Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies is not responsible if a pet is or gets sick throughout a transport. It is up to the judgement of the breeder/shipper to let the pet fly. Breeder discretion is taken when deciding if a puppy is less than 8 weeks old to fly.

Shipper and Receiver understand our standby protocol and have read and agreed to the following protocol: 


  1. We offer standby flights, meaning a Puppy Nanny will look into a day and time that works for both parties and look for the best available flights. We cannot guarantee those flights will go according to plan, (due to weather, delays, cancelations, airport staff) but we do our best to keep an eye on flights and schedule a standby flight that works for everyone.
  2. In such a case that our Puppy Nanny(s) cannot board the initial flight we agreed upon, our Puppy Nanny will either wait at the airport for the next available flight to the same location, or, if that location does not work out our Puppy Nanny will fly to the nearest airport. Puppy Nanny will communicate these plans with both parties.
  3. In the case of there being no flights left out of that airport for the day/night, our Puppy Nanny(s) will stay overnight in a hotel of our choice which will be pet friendly. Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies and our Puppy Nanny(s) will communicate to both parties the new schedule for the next day.

Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies will do everything possible to ensure the pet is kept in a clean and sanitized environment throughout the entire transport from pickup to delivery. Shipper and receiver have read and consented to the following Pet Sanitation Protocol:


  1. Your pet will be released in a Family restroom for their potty break. The Puppy Nanny will place several pee pads on the floor away from the toilet and place the pup on top.
  2. We do our very best to keep your pet away from strangers. We DO NOT let anyone touch or pet your animal. We may allow them to see them from inside their carrier.
  3. Depending upon the shipper’s decision, we will feed your pet according to shippers discretion. (Taking into account layovers and overnight transports). Water is always given to all pets unless stated otherwise.

If any rescheduling needs to be made to the transport after payment is made, due to shipper or receiver needs, an additional fee may or may not be incurred. Any scheduling changes due to the Air Carrier are completely out of the control of Arms to Arms Puppy Nannies and will be communicated as soon as they arise. 

Rescheduling will be accommodated for transports not completed on time, however NO REFUNDS ARE PERMITTED.  Due to the nature of our business, if a transport is cancelled by you, after payment is made, there will be NO Refund issued. To keep our prices competitive, we use many methods to keep our fees low including but not limited to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, therefore we are unable to provide refunds of any kind. At our discretion, we may choose to credit a transport to your account (not redeemable for cash) for future use of the same routing or a lesser priced transport. A $100 non-refundable booking fee is added into the cost of every request.